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Same Day

We offer reliable same day delivery services in Dubai, and around the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Quick and efficient deliveries are essential for your personal and business needs, and we’re here to help. Our network and locations in Dubai ensure same day delivery for urgent packages, including documents, time-sensitive items, and last-minute gifts. Our team is committed to prompt and reliable service. Regarding shipping packages throughout the UAE, you can count on our dependable, efficient network to get your items to their destination quickly and securely. We offer cheap courier service in UAE, from Dubai to other locations such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, ensuring that your packages are transported with care no matter where the destination is.



Speed and Timeliness

Delivering packages quickly is especially helpful for time-sensitive items and urgent documents.

Reliable and Secure Service

Same-day delivery promises safe and efficient transport of packages for timely delivery without damage or delays.

Flexibility and Convenience

We offer flexibility and convenience to customers. Place late orders, and receive packages the same-day.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers will have real-time tracking updates and clear communication regarding their package's progress.


At Imepress, we understand how critical it is for businesses and individuals to receive their deliveries promptly and efficiently. That’s why we provide dependable courier solutions focused on speed, reliability, and affordability. As one of the UAE’s top courier companies, we specialize in same-day delivery services customized to meet your requirements. Whether you need cheap courier service in UAE, our extensive network and strategic locations guarantee your packages’ prompt and secure delivery.

Our local courier service in Dubai offers same day delivery within the city, catering to businesses and individuals. We handle all shipments, from documents and parcels to oversized items, ensuring your packages arrive at their destination quickly and safely. With our pickup and delivery service in Dubai, you can schedule a pickup from your location, saving you time and effort. Our professional couriers will collect your packages and ensure they are quickly delivered to your desired destination, making the entire process hassle-free. We take pride in providing affordable solutions, including cheap courier service in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Same day delivery in Dubai is a courier service, which delivers your package on the same day. This service is perfect for urgent deliveries, especially when you need your package delivered as soon as possible. To use same day delivery, book your package with a cheap courier service in UAE that offers this service, and they will ensure your package is delivered on the same day.
The cost of same-day delivery varies depending on the size and weight of your package, as well as the distance it needs to travel. However, some cheap courier services in UAE offer same-day delivery at affordable prices. It’s always good to compare prices from different courier services to find the best deal.
Yes, most cheap courier services in UAE offer package tracking for same day delivery. This allows you to monitor your package, and know exactly when it will be delivered. You can track your package online or through a mobile app.
The cutoff time for same day delivery varies depending on the courier service. However, most companies in UAE require you to book your package for same-day delivery before a certain time, usually in the morning. It’s always best to confirm their cutoff time with the courier service.
Most packages can be delivered with same day delivery, including documents, parcels, and even larger items such as furniture. However, checking with the courier service beforehand is always a good idea, to ensure they can handle your specific package requirements.